Selling Your Home with Lorraine Moleta


My objectives for you...


No matter how many times you have sold a house, whether you're a first-home buyer or an experienced seller, my objectives are the same:



1. To secure the best possible price for YOU

2. To sell in a timeframe that suits YOU

3. To deliver a process that is smooth and stress-free for YOU

The three key components essential for a successful result with your home:


2. Choosing the BEST MARKETING (where placed and how big)
3. NEGOTIATION (my process that creates the ability to extract the highest price). 



It Can Take Time

Selling your home is an emotional time and communication with me is vital. The average time it takes to sell a home in your area will always depend on the current market conditions at the time. I will make sure the marketing pieces all fit: our international websites, advertising, open homes, flyers, invitations, database contacts and price. I am here to take away the stress and help you achieve your own goals – you are part of our powerful team and me and the team at Harcourts go the extra mile for you and your family to achieve a successful sale. This is my job and I have the passion, drive and enthusiasm to get you the best result. 




Who We Are - Team Harcourts


I am part of the team at Harcourts, NZ’s largest real estate agency with over 780 offices and more than 5300 agents in New Zealand and nine other countries. We have the local, national and global connections for buying and selling real estate. This is a powerful marketing capability. In addition, we have advanced systems and training, enabling our team to recognise every opportunity for our clients.


Committed to teamwork

We work strongly as a team to secure the successful sale of your property. The sales team inspects newly listed properties individually. A weekly meeting is held where each listed property is discussed in detail with the goal of ensuring every prospective buyer is introduced to the property.



Referral network

With almost 200 offices nationwide, the Harcourts Group has the largest and strongest referral network in the country. Locally, we own offices in Palmerston North, Feilding, Taihape, Foxton, Levin, Waikanae, Otaki, Paraparaumu, Paremata, Khandallah, Wellington City, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, plus our extended network in Tawa, Johnsonville, Masterton, Carterton, Martinborough and Wainui. 




Choosing the Right Agent for You


I provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the local market backed by proven and trusted marketing strategies supported by a team based in your area.


I am a fully qualified, licensed sales person; backed by a local management team based in Wellington who have proven sales and marketing strategies designed to sell your house at the best possible price in the shortest possible time with the least stress.


It is important that you select an agent with whom you quickly build a level of trust, and they can demonstrate to you that they will bring all of the power of the Harcourts Group to bear in selling your property.


I pride myself on delivering a professional service at a fair fee and demonstrate to you that I have fully explored every avenue to market your property to the widest number of potential buyers and that our agent team has taken the property to market at the right price using the most appropriate selling method. 



The Home Appraisal


I can provide a FREE appraisal report, which, based on a detailed inspection of your property, helps you have a clear understanding of what your property is currently worth in today’s market. I will also give you honest feedback as to how you can make your house more attractive to the market and can assist you in making subtle changes that truly maximise both appeal and ultimately price. The appraisal process is free and without obligation.


I will provide you with a written report of your property and compare it with all other similar properties currently or recently on the market with empirical evidence of what those other properties were either sold or marketed for. By having this factual information, I can work with you to ascertain the best method to market your property to achieve the best result in the time frame that works best for you. 


Once I have all of the information, I am able to develop a marketing campaign designed specifically to market your home to the broadest possible target market. Remember that when you are dealing with Harcourts, you are dealing with our entire database of agents and potential buyers... not just me who you will see on a regular basis. 


If you would like to know more please get in touch or you can:


Request an Appraisal

Request Recent Sales



Setting the Right Price


The first 30 days your property is on the market will attract the most potential buyers; it is therefore critical that the price that is set is right for the market.


I will guide you, with market proof, as to what is the best price to set. Underpricing your property may cause people to wonder if it has something wrong with it, and of course overpricing will attract fewer buyers. A significant part of using the proven Harcourts method is that we know how to build a price and sales method strategy that creates competition to maximise your ultimate sale price.


Listing process explained

The listing authority gives clear guidelines for me as I act for you when selling your property. If you have any questions I am only too happy to explain them to you before you sign. Within the agreement, you should check:


  • The complete names of the official owners are correct

  • The (legal) address of the property for sale is correct

  • The price target is accurate

  • The method of sale is what you agreed (you should check that you have explored all methods and understood what they mean, as one you may have not considered, may in fact be the best for your property)

  • The terms of your sale are clear

  • How the professional fees for our service are calculated

  • How long the listing authority lasts for (usually 90 days)

  • What is the marketing plan for your property and what is your investment in it. 



Marketing Your Property


Fixed price vs no price marketing

Fixed price marketing tries to determine the premium market value and places the home on the market at that perceived value. The risks relate to either over-pricing or under-pricing the property.


Generally FEWER BUYERS will inspect the home if they see it as being outside their price range. The seller is left trying to defend the price while the market tries to push it down. Putting a price on a property invites the 3 ‘P’s: people look at the price, the picture and then procrastinate.


No-price marketing generally attracts MORE BUYERS through its focus on features and benefits rather than price. There is no price to defend and buyers are left to determine value themselves based on their individual circumstances. With no-price marketing you put buyer against buyer, which enhances the sense of competition and thus the price people will pay.


Marketing for SUCCESS

Successfully marketing your home to create the greatest amount of interest is quite a skill.


Harcourts has a dedicated team of professionals, based in Wellington, who have all of the modern tools at their disposal to build a marketing package for and with you that will target as many potential purchasers as possible. Included in the marketing will be a relevant mix of signage, letterbox drops, as well as online media such as (now NZ’s largest real estate website), (the largest real estate agency site in NZ) plus others such as and etc, all designed to profile your property at its best. Additionally, I use targeted print media such as newspapers and various property publications.


During the whole marketing process I will provide you with regular feedback as to the media that are creating the most interest, and with you, fine-tune the marketing and presentation during this planned process.



Create a Great Impression 


The old expression that “you only have one chance to make a great first impression” is very true when it comes to potential buyers viewing your home. If it looks great from the outside, well presented, clean and tidy, potential buyers will see that you take care of your home... inside and out.


It is worth spending a few dollars on your home. Tidy up the garden, clean or repaint any tired or flaking paint and remove any rubbish. Same on the inside: clean or paint in a neutral colour to maximise broad appeal. Remember, a very small investment in tidying up your home can really pay dividends at sale time.


Open homes, how do they work?

Open homes are an easy and relaxed way to show your home to a large number of potential buyers in a short space of time. Generally open homes are held in the weekend and last less than an hour.


They provide potential buyers with the ability to view similar homes to yours on the market and compare price, layout, etc, and help them decide if your home could be the one that best suits their needs.


Typically, potential buyers will spend more time at your home looking, thinking and talking if they feel that they are not being watched or listened to. Remember that it is a big decision for them too, so give them space to make their decision. It is important to ensure that I am aware of all of the elements that you would like highlighted, but remember that I am a trained, experienced professionals who does this for a living; I know how to best portray your property.


Some key tips to consider when holding an open home:

Your home should smell nice: fresh flowers and/or baking can really add that something extra.


Make sure that it looks its best.. inside and out.

If you have a pet, especially a dog, consider taking it for a walk when your open home is on. Not everyone likes dogs. Atmosphere is also important: consider some quiet music to “make the mood”.


After each open home I will provide you with feedback from the prospective buyers who viewed your home, plus keep you up to date on market conditions and comments.


I will work with you to give you updates as frequently as agreed upon.


As part of the Harcourts PROMISE, I will be honest with you, always respectful, but if I receive comments from the market that can be used to help you sell your property, I will work in your best interests and share these with you, and possibly make some changes that will benefit you. 



The Offer and Acceptance Process


Should I accept the offer?

Under New Zealand law, ALL written offers, no matter what the price or conditions, must be submitted to you by your agent. Offers represent an intention or interest in your property and can be considered as a starting point in the process of negotiation.


If an offer is below what you could consider acceptable, you do not have to accept it. If you are not comfortable with the offer, do not feel offended, but view it as your first offer, and either negotiate or wait for another offer to be presented. Remember, I work for YOU, not the buyer, and it is my responsibility to work with you to secure the best result in the sale of your property.


Should I lower my asking price?

Asking prices should be viewed as the starting point in a negotiation; however, if you have no offers, or few people viewing your property, you may want to consider your marketing, your sale method and possibly then the price. Don’t be too hasty in thinking price is the issue.. it may be the method of sale or the presentation of the property, or its promotion.


The market will certainly make clear to you if your price is not “at market”. Remember, buyers compare your property with those currently on the market and those recently sold. The Harcourts comparative market appraisal will have shown you all of these other properties, but if you have been on the market for some time, a review of recent activity would be a wise move. Request a 'Comparative Market Appraisal'.


What does acceptance mean?

When a prospective buyer is ready to submit an offer, it will be immediately presented to you for your consideration. I will advise you of your options in responding to the offer, the offer to purchase your property should contain any of the conditions of the sale, such as the time frame which the buyer has to arrange finance or a valuation, the date of settlement, when a builder's report is to be completed by and anything else that may be required to complete the sale, such as a LIM report.


Once all of the conditions are satisfied, the next stage in the process is settlement. Should the offer have no conditions therefore be unconditional, once you have accepted the contract it becomes binding and the buyer is required to provide the agreed deposit. In the event that the contract is unconditional, and the purchaser fails to proceed to settlement, the purchaser is normally required to forfeit their deposit under the terms of the contract.


In some cases you may receive another offer during the time that your contract is conditional. In this case we will discuss this and potentially take additional legal advice, before you accept the new offer as a backup offer.



Once you have accepted the offer and signed a contract, I will forward your contract to your lawyer or conveyancer who will administer the settlement detail, which includes the transfer of funds and the exchange of title. It is part of my process that I will work with all parties to ensure that the settlement process goes as smoothly as possible and works for and with you to handle any issues that may arise.


Inspection of the home before settlement day

It is normal practice that just before the settlement date, the buyer is allowed to inspect the property to check that it is in the same condition as when they viewed and agreed to purchase the property. Of course, it goes without saying that as the seller of the property, you should maintain it to a good standard and condition.


Settlement and possession day

Once the full financial settlement has happened, which is handled by solicitors acting for the seller and then the purchasers, the keys of the property are handed over to the buyer on the agreed date and time and possession is taken by the new owner. I will keep a close eye on the process to ensure that the day you sell your home to its new owners is a smooth and positive experience. 


If you have any questions or would like to discuss further please feel free to get in touch!